We can conduct a professional whole or partial home estate sale for you, whether someone has passed away, is moving to a retirement or nursing home or is just looking to downsize.

  • Services Overview

    • Setting up and hosting estate sales
    • Refer you to services that may fit your situation:
      • Our preferred list of real estate agents
      • Moving Services
      • Home Repair
    • Donate unsold items to local non-profit organizations
    • Full or partial buy-out of estates
    • House cleaning
    • Trash removal
  • House for sale?

    We will be happy to distribute promotional materials, that you or your real estate agent supply us with pertaining to the sale of your house. If you don’t have a real estate agent we’ll be happy to refer one from our list.

  • What To Expect From Us

    We provide all of the resources needed to sort, organize, display, research, price, advertise and sell the contents of the estate. We work with you to provide an enjoyable, secure and profitable sale. Typically we start working in the home 7-10 days prior to the actual sale event, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. We bring in tables, displays and any additional items needed for set up. We provide exceptional attention to detail. We offer experience and creative solutions for all of our clients.

  • Pricing Philosophy prides themselves with setting the correct fair market pricing of all household items in an estate. Whether it’s a rare antique painting, fine porcelain, 18th century furniture items, household kitchen items, or workshop tools, the correct fair market value will be tagged on all contents in the preparation of an estate sale.

  • Downsizing Sales

    The move from a lifelong family home into a retirement community can be traumatic and overwhelming. Usually the adult children assume the role of the caregiver and when it comes time to move the elderly parent, the responsibility usually falls on the caregiver. This burden of responsibility is great, especially if the adult children live far away, have children of their own and work commitments of their own. We can conduct a partial home estate sale of the items you cannot take with you to your smaller home, retirement center or nursing home.

  • Entire Estate Purchases

    At times, we will offer to buy the whole Estate. This is not our first recommendation, but due to certain circumstances this may be your best option. Generally you will get more money by having an Estate Sale verses an entire Estate Purchase.

  • Complete House Clean-outs

    After the sale, we can provide complete house clean outs and clean ups. We can do it all or as little as you want. We offer a full range of services to help in the final stages of your move. Call us for a free consultation!

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