• Why hire HelpingHandsEstateSales.com instead of just doing it myself?

    Our experience has shown that when an individual conducts their own sale, personal items are priced too high and less desired items are sold to cheaply because people value their items based on emotion rather than fair market price. We have experience with advertising, crowd control and actual fair market pricing. Generally we are able to make more profit for the customer even after our percentage is withheld.

  • How do I know I can place my trust in you?

    80% of our business is built on referrals. We are a service oriented business and our goal is to take what can be a very difficult process and create a successful, stress free sale.

  • What is your commission and what does it include?

    It costs nothing for us to come out for a free consultation to asses the situation and your needs.

    Our commission depends on size, quality and the condition of the estate. Our pricing includes all sale related expenses and set up, pricing, display, marketing ability, trained staff, and we bring the problem solving experience and knowledge of fair market value to insure a successful sale. There are no out of pocket expenditures for our clients. All costs are taken from the proceeds of the sale.

  • How Far In Advance Should I Book An Estate Sale?

    We recommend at least 2-6 weeks advance notice, but, we have been known to put together a sale in 2 days.

  • What Kind Of Items Do We Sell?

    Furniture, books, artwork, clothing, tools, appliances, jewelry, antiques, collectibles, cars, garden equipment and almost any household item. Antiques and Collectibles are evaluated and priced accordingly. Do not throw anything away prior to our evaluation - remember, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.

  • Do You Sell Everything?

    Based on our past performance, we consistently sell around 85% of the household contents. After the sale, we can donate all items to charity. We will provide you with a tax deductible receipt.

  • When Is A Good Time To Have An Estate Sale?

    Our customers attend estate sales all year, so any month is a great time for a sale! The best days for sales are Friday through Sunday.

  • What should I throw away and what should I keep?

    Please do not throw anything away. There is a buyer for almost everything, and whatever does not sell can be donated to a favorite charity of your choice or through one of our affiliated partners. Remember anything donated is an additional tax write off to you!

  • What if I only have a few things I want to sell?

    We offer variety of options. We can sometimes combine several small estates into one. We also partner with or are able to broker individual valuable pieces and are also able to create a consignment agreement where we sell your merchandise through our networking groups and we receive a percentage of the selling price.

  • How much will this cost me?

    It costs nothing for us to come out for a free consultation to asses the situation and your needs. We work on a percentage basis that varies to match each situaion.

  • How do I get paid?

    You will receive a register receipt and a cashier’s check for your proceeds within ten (10) days of the sale.

  • What do I need to do before you show up for the sale?

    We do all the work. Please make sure all decision making has been completed and that you and your family have already decided on those things that you are keeping.

  • How do you market the sale?

    We email a client referral list from previous sales. We advertise in area newspapers as well as online. We also have professional signage that we use on the dates of sales.

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